Midnight Cherry Merlot

Red, red wine goes to my head. Rich merlot compliments the aroma of fresh black cherries. This scent is decadently delightful and will make you want to drink in every last drop.

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How To Make Candles

Candles are the easiest way to make a room beautiful. Homemade candles are a thoughtful gift. Begin by selacting candle wax, a candle vessel, a vessel lid, a wick, and any fragrance/color you want.

We recommend Coconut Apricot Wax:= for container candles. It is a natural wax with excellent glass adhesion and scent throw. You will not find a more luxurious was. With its glossy appearance it is absolutely stunning in glass.

Prepare your workspace with wax paper

This is a no-brainer. How do you protect a workspace where you will work with wax? With wax paper!

Select your candle vessel, your lid and your wick.

Once you have selected your candle vessel (candle container / candle jar), decide on how many wicks you want for your candle. Consult the Guide to wicking for the appropriate wick size. Place a wick sticker on the end of the wick tab and affix to the bottom of your candle vessel / candle container / candle jar. Wick setters can be purchased if you find it difficult to center on your own. 

Use a double boiler

You cannot put candle wax directly on heat. It can cause a fire. Turn the heat med-high so that the water boils. The boiling water will melt the wax slowly and evenly. Be sure to use a pot specifically for candle making as candle making can be messy.

 Use a thermometer to know when you must pour the wax.

You can use a candy thermometer. Read manufacturer instructions to know optimal pour temperatures. 

Remove your melted wax from the heat and add scent

Read the manufacturer’s directions to find out how much scent your wax can safely hold and do not exceed. Pour scent into your wax. Stir slowly and evenly throughout the wax for two minutes. Try to eliminate any air bubbles you may see.

Add color

Do not use food coloring. You will need specific dye or wax chips that are made for the brand of wax you want to use. Stir well and avoid bubbles.

Pour the melted wax into your chosen vessel

Pour slowly as to not splash wax on the side of your candle vessel and then allow the wax to cool.


Once candles are almost completely set, feel free to add candle enhancers such as clear quartz chips, yellow citrine chips, opal mini chips, lavender buds, amethyst chips and rose quartz chips.

Trim the wick   

Once your candle is completely set trim your wick down to ¼ inch. Heat your candle for a few seconds with a heat gun to secure any enhancements you have added to your candle and to clean up the sides of your candle vessel if you have wax splash marks.   

Place your lid on your candle for a finished look and to retain your chosen scent.

If you would like some tips to avoid wet spots and air bubbles. follow the link below.

Tin Foil Method for Perfect Candles Every Time! – YouTube