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  The Beginning

I first learned to make candles with my Mother when I was a young girl. She is a deep pool of creative talents of which I’ve never seen the true depths. I remember my fascination as I watched her ready the wicks, the wax, and the molds. I would stand beside her on a stool and watch in awe as the wax melted in a double boiler on the stove. She explained that we would add colour, scent, and dazzling enhancements to make each candle unique and special; that when they were done, they would be one of a kind, and even more beautiful than what you could buy in a store; that when we lit them they would glow and make any room feel warm and inviting.

My Mother managed to make our modest home a haven every single day with her kindness, her warmth and her love, and somewhere in the background, always a homemade candle glowing. Because of her, candles always make me think of home, and love.

Throughout the years, I have lived in many homes. Each has had one thing in common; the radiant ambience of candles. I have always strived to re-create the same haven as the home of my youth. It is in this spirit that I decided to take what I had learned about creating candles from my Mother, and apply it using the newest and most luxurious products on the market. I set out to make masterpieces, inspired by two generations of artisans, our love of candles, and the warmth they evoke.

I want to share the gift of happiness that candle making has brought to my life. Browse our supplies and make the candle of your dreams. If you don’t want to make it yourself, you can still enjoy a candle custom made to your liking with my signature custom candle line, iLite Candles.

Each candle is hand poured in Toronto, Canada using the finest quality materials. From the elegant vessels, to the cotton wicks, and the natural, clean-burning wax, no detail is overlooked to ensure quality and elegance at every step.

It is my sincere hope that I can fill your home with the same warmth and love as I experienced as a child, with my signature candles and candle making supplies.

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Sept 8, 2021

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Our Candle Supplies

In my previous life before I was a candle maker extraordinaire, I worked in international trade. This taught me all the complexities of importing and exporting. Though this was not necessarily a career befitting an artistic candle maker, these skills have proven to be invaluable in the business of candle making and candle supply.

In my quest to make the worlds most perfect candle during a global pandemic, I used the few hours before lockdowns began at craft stores such as Michaels. Michaels is a great craft store located in Canada, but their candle making supply section is limited, and in my opinion, a little over priced.  I then started sourcing throughout North America, looking for those candle making supply stores that were rated very highly in the Candle Supplies Directory for North America. I became very excited when I found the store CandleScience located in the USA but CandleScience does not ship to Canada. I then found the Wooden Wick Co. I love their supplies. They are also located in the USA and they have a wide range of products. As their name suggests however, they carry wooden wicks, and not the non-wooden varieties. I also found their supplies expensive.  Next I found Lonestar Candle Supply. Lonestar is not sexy,  but they have a wide selection of wicks, and information related to Candle Wicking. I learned so much from their website.

Finally I came upon P&J Trading Co where I found an extensive selection of premium fragrance oils. Sourcing oils from P&J allowed me to begin combining to make my own custom scents as part of my candle making kits and my line of customizable candles.

All of this was wonderful except for the fact that importing from the USA is expensive. I did find some supply stores in Canada, specifically Western Canada, but by in large the best supply stores were in the USA. I decided to change that. I celebrate these companies. There is room for all of us in the Candle Supply space, but I made it my mission to sell quality products of every kind, and because of my skill set, to make the supplies available for seamless export worldwide. This is what can offer that no one else can; One stop shopping and the ability to export anywhere in the world.

Sept 12, 2021

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Our Customs Candles

When I set out to make the most perfect candle the world had ever seen I came upon coco apricot creme wax. It is stunning, luxurious, and is unmatched in beauty when you see it in glass. I chose and designed opulent signature scents. I sourced beautiful vessels, multiple candle enhancers, elegant custom fit packaging, and the perfect wicks….and then…..the pandemic struck again, and global importing slowed to a crawl. I could not import quality vessels in high enough quantity from anywhere.

Because my elegant (and expensive packaging) was custom made for my vessels, there was no option to begin mass production of candles, and so for almost a year I focused my efforts on candle supplies and carried only a limited supply of candle jars.

I became a content creator on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to teach my customers, my subscribers and followers how to make candles, and the many types of candles they could make using my products. This was and is still fun for me. It allows me to make candles every day. I love the feedback and the community of candle makers and candle lovers. What I found though, was as much as I tried to convince prospective customers to buy candle making supplies and make their own custom candles in the most cost effective way possible, that some customers preferred to have ME make candles for them.

This was so flattering to know, and so I enthusiastically began making signature candles for sale. I use only the finest ingredients, and I lovingly hand pour each candle. Every candle I feature, is a candle requested by customers. They are all customizable. The social media platforms allow me to know exactly what my customers like and I appreciate every word of their kind feedback. This month I am featuring Glow in the Dark Candles, 7-Wick Candles, and Naked Candles. All are limited run, limited edition. Get yours, while supplies last!

If you can’t decide which luscious scent to buy, try our sample pack. Not only will you receive 3 beautiful candles, but I will send you a 10% off coupon towards the purchase of  your next full sized candle.

Sept 12, 2021

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Adventures in Candle Making…


 If you’ve read my blog you know that I was inspired to create candles by my Mother who showed me how it was done when I was  little. The part I left out however is that I’m not crafty. I figured that “crafty” was a gene that skipped a generation because my Mother was basically Martha Stewart, and I was the furthest thing from that.  

With a twist of fate the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and I was left wondering what to do as the world prepared to lock down.  At the request of my daughter we did some last minute shopping at Michael’s Craft Store in Canada. On a whim I picked up a candle making kit. My daughter has the crafty gene so I figured that between the two of us we could figure this out.  

In addition to my crafting aversion, I also don’t like to read instructions. I know, at this point you’re probably wondering why I thought candle making would be for me, but that’s because what I lacked in skill and talent, I more than made up for in bravado and over confidence. After all, I had seen my Mother do it so many times, and she was only a phone call away. 

I called my Mom, and she began telling me a host of candle making instructions that I had no idea were part of the process. I didn’t bother to wright them down. I knew I could wing it, and all would be fine. BTW this is kind of my approach to cooking as well, but with cooking it usually comes out alright. 

So we began, all confidence and no know-how, and with some really terrible quality products with waxes I cant pronounce. The candle making adventure began… 

Instead of buying wax dye chips or coloring oils I opted to use food coloring because I just knew it would work. SPOILER….IT DIDN’T! Undaunted, I just added more food coloring, as I was sure that was the problem, but as it turns out, no matter how much food coloring you add, it won’t work. Food coloring isn’t soluble in wax. Google confirmed this for me. My candles did set, and my sweet daughter mustered a “it’s not that bad” remark, and offered to take the candle off my hands. 

Amazon to the rescue. I bought some wax dye chips that are soluble in wax. When I tried them I was delighted, but without having any idea how much I should add, and thinking my candle would dry almost the same shade as the melted wax I again realized that I had no idea what I was doing. Compounded by this was the fact that I decided to use scent for this round of candle making. Again, the idea of measuring was lost on me. You just add enough until it smells good, right? WRONG!!! If you add too much oil it’s a fire hazard. I’m not even gonna go there, just trust me.  

Round about this time I ran out of wax. What was a girl to do with everything locked down? I certainly couldn’t let candle making beat me. After all I really do love beautiful candles, and so I wanted to be able to do this. 

In my search for wax I found a lot of cheap stuff on Amazon and eBay that were questionable at best, and so I widened my search. Internationally I found the Wooden Wick Co, P&J Trading and Lonestar Candle Supply to name but a few. In Canada I found Canwax and C&C Candle Co.

This is when I started realizing that there was a whole science to candle making. In fact I found a store called CandleScience that I really admired – but they don’t ship to Canada. I started researching premium waxes, and then I splurged and bought myself several types of waxes from the Wooden Wick Co. The verdict? Coco Apricot Crème wax all the way! Its luxurious. It’s actualy used by high-end candle companies. Its natural, with excellent scent through and wonderful glass adhesion. Every time you pour a candle, it sets perfectly with a silky, smooth perfect top; A quality that was very important for a novice like me. 

I used these many waxes, and my candles came out okay. Definitely better than the first batch, but something wasn’t quite right. I was buying top tier luxury materials, but I wasn’t making luxury candles.   

I broke down and bought a journal. I figured I should start documenting what I was doing so I could find the sweet spot, the perfect pour temperature, the perfect wick, the perfect vessel. And yes, you can do that if you have months to kill – which I did. You can also opt to READ INSTRUCTIONS which still had not occurred to me. The idea finally dawned on to me one day when I watched a candle making How to video on YouTube. There’s a lot of good videos for beginner candle makers, but there aren’t many that will give you all the information you need, and until that moment on that day I had never heard anyone say, “if you’re like me you don’t like to read instructions” DING DING DING!! “but when making candles you really have to” BOOOOO! She went on to say that the manufacturer of the waxes would know better than anyone the perfect pour temperature, and so in this case it was a MUST to read the instructions. 

A lightbulb went off, and from that point I started making candles that were nice, even accidently good….but something still wasn’t right, and I was starting to get a clue from the instructions. 

“Maximum scent load” What was that? Did people really measure that? I wanted a really strong smell so it’s alright to add more, possibly double the recommended scent, right? WRONG…refer back to my fire hazard comment. Also, the wick you choose doesn’t matter, right? WRONG!  

This is when helpful resources like wicking guides on websites such as the Wooden wick co and Lonestar became so important. I didn’t necessarily read every word, but I read enough to know that the type of wax you use determines the wick, and that the vessel you use determines the size of wick or wicks you need. PROFOUND!! 

Still in the dark about scent I kept reading and watching videos until I realized how you must stir the oil into the wax for a minimum of two minutes to give the wax time to bind to the wax. This will allow for your candle to smell as you had intended. I also realized that some scents are just naturally more robust, and that most wax types have a max scent range around 8 – 10%. You can adjust slightly to accommodate your preference. I also learned that adding too much scent will just ruin your candle and waste money as premium scents are expensive. 

Armed with this knowledge I made candles again, this time with what I deem the finest luxury wax, coco apricot crème, the finest vessel, Naked iLite with silver electroplated lid, and the perfect cotton or wooden wicks suited to my vessel size and wax type. My max fragrance load is 10%, and I stay right in that percentile for all my fragrances. 

I made candles that were stunning, that smelled as good as they looked. As it turns out I wasn’t missing the crafty gene. I just needed to find something that I loved to do and then work at it until it was a masterpiece.  

Every one of my custom candles is lovingly hand poured with all my heart and passion.  I truly believe you will love these candles, and that you will appreciate the premium quality materials as much as I do. 

Oct 27, 2021

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